Priscilla Ki

Beckman HS Varsity


Her constructive criticism vastly improved my performance; she instilled great habits and skills that I utilize every time I go out on the course.


Brian Lee

Middle School


Thank you for coaching. Coach Hae-Yoon dveloped my interest in golf and I am looking forward to play in high school golf team and college golf team.








 Jun-mo, Koo

Freshman Woodbridge HS Varsity


 After I took lessons with my coach for only two years, I improved a lot in mostly everything. For example, I can hit my driver and irons more consistant and far. When I first started golf with her, I was able to hit my river only 240 yards, but now I can hit average 295 yards. Also she helped me a lot whith distance control and using the correct tecnique on chipping. Believe it or not, I dropped my score form 100 to average 83, which is 17 strokes, only in two years.

Seok Hun, Kang

College Player, S. Korea



Coach Hae-Yoon thought me how to  do quality practice versus quantity practice. That helped me to improved consistence of my entire game.

Hyun-Jae, Ko

Middle School


Learning from coach Hae-Yoon, Jung has elevated my golf to another level. My mental game has improved ever since I started working with Hae-yoon coach. She Taught me a swing I can rely on throughout the stretch during a golf tournament.

Hannah Kim Northwestern University 2018


  Coach Hae-Yoon will always remind you to push yourself to do your very best on and off the course. With her strong determination and credibility, I have been able to learn from one of the best.

Vanessa Chap

Califoria State University San Marco


   Being my first coach, Hae-Yoon made it very easy to understand the importance of the fundamentals of a golf swing. With this understanding, she helped me develop a fundamentally sound and repeatable golf swing and I was able to improve my golf skills in an efficient amoung of time while making it fun.

Elise Polk



   When I first started playing golf, I didnt enjoy it, but Hae-Yoon pushed me to practice harder to the point where i fell in love with the game.

Thank you. Hae-Yoon.

Heather Liu

UC Davis 


Hae-yoon was a really good coach who pushed me to be more motivated not only in golf, but also academics and instilled the value of "practice makes perfect." The attention to detail that she had on the course in regards to my swing helped me improve substantially.


  Coach Hae-Yoon is an amazing coach and a player. She really helped me a lot with my swing and made a confident player.






- Melissa Nou

Maria Duong 

University of Oregon  


Hae-Yoon is a great coach on and off the golf course. She taught me how to be a great competitor and a well rounded athlete.

Marissa Borja 

Easterm Washington University 


Hae- Yoon was one of my first female mentors/ coaches growing up playing golf at Colina Park Golf Course. She was not only supportive in the golf aspect, but she was also a role model to us girls and encouraged us to pursue golf at a higher level and continue to work hard in whatever we did whether it was school, golf or personal relationships.

Sarah Polk

UC Davis


   Hae-Yoon was my first golf coach and definitely my most memorable! Her rigorous teaching style pushed me to work hard to become a better golfer and also demostrated that she cared about my improvement as her student.

  "Hae-yoon is devoted golf coach and teaches the kids the life lesson besides golf.  Our two children, Andrew and Heather attended Pro Kids in San Diego when they were nine and seven years old respectively.  Hae-yoon was coaching at the Pro Kids in San Diego at that time.

Like other parents, we wanted both Andrew and Heather to accomplish a great thing in golf.  We took Andrew and Heather to Pro Kids every Saturday and Sunday and signed them on every activities offered, such as golf clinic, field trip, tournament, and etc. no matter Andrew and Heather were interested in them.

Hae-yoon noticed our aggressiveness in pushing both Andrew and Heather and took us to a private room.  Hae-yoon told us that "I appreciate that we are fully involved in your kids’ golf, but you can’t do everything for your children; they have to decide for themselves what they are interesting in doing and take the initiative to do so.  It is their responsibility, not parents’!"  Our initial reaction to Heyun’s comments were uncomfortable and little upset.

My wife and I discussed the matter at home and thought we may have some control about the activities at Pro Kids or school when they are little.   What other things we can control when they get older with our very limited resources? Can we control their SAT score, college they attend, type of job they need?

The most important lesson is that Andrew and Heather have to take the initiative for whatever they are interested in.  Since then, my wife and I were sitting back and let Andrew and Heather to decide what they want to do and take the initiative to do so.

It is very hard to watch your children fall, but it is the best way for them to learn and grow.  Hae-yoon not only coached Andrew and Heather golf skills, but told all of us the life lesson.  Pro Kids provides safe environment for kids to make mistakes and grow.  We appreciate Hae-yoon’s authentication and devotion.

Proud parents of two college kids."

From. Heather's parents